The soundtrack to our lives and a collection of the songs that have carried generations through their youth and helped shape our characters and personalities for ever more. Discovering ourselves and the full array of human emotions connected by songs. Embellishing the highs and lows associated with coming of age. The pathway to our hearts, souls and minds.

When we found love and lost love for the first time, there were songs. Remembering loved ones, moments in time, personal experiences, even historic events, all marked by songs. An unrivalled force that has touched us all and impacted our lives in such a positive way.

At a time when we have all contemplated and reflected on where we are and how we’ve got there, more than ever before considering our past as to what has influenced and inspired us most in moulding our thoughts and actions. For so many people music as played a huge roll in this as an integral part of our development.

Allow us to take you back there, for 2 hours at least, on a joyous journey as we come together and celebrate...“The songs that made us”...